For Education Agents

For Education Agents

Educational consultancy plays a vital role in for shaping a student career by providing accurate information of the Institution and act as back bone for Educational Institutions for their Admission requirment.the most important person in the whole process is the consultant who will fulfill the desired admissions to any boarding school which is the ultimate goal of any educational institution.

Joining with boardingedu gives any consultant to work along with us and the whole process becomes very easy for them to get as many numbers of admissions as possible for specific schools. They can earn a surplus amount of money in their account.

Functions of an education consultant

Lead Management- Lead has its own life cycle from follow up, appointment, and visit to a registered student finally at a specific boarding school. The whole process can be monitored by the consultant, school and boardingedu at the same time to create transparency.

Student Management -The system supports the requirement of gathering most of the information of students through its advanced portal. By gathering the information of Enquiry Source, decision taking can be done easily according to the choice the student’s desire while choosing the best boarding school.

Application Management -The same enquiry can be converted into application or new application can be created. One student can apply for multiple Schools but still track different status for different application.

Student History- To track the student history, who has contacted student last time, when the student was contacted and last discussion, these entire thing can be stored into CRM.

Follow-Up- All activities are visible to the consultants he can put in writing what would be the next activity for a particular student. Manager can also assign work to counselor if there are some problems.

Invoicing- Once the admission closes the consultant is provided immediately with the commission that was fixed. The payment is absolutely free of wait and botherations through boardingedu.

Agreement- Our system keeps you up to date with the agreement that is made between us. So that you can give your full focus on your work to earn the most rather than thinking about other issues faced by education agents.

Our Educational Consultants have the opportunity to represent more than 2000+ Boarding Schools throughout the globe and get Paid by Boardingedu on each Confirm Admission that they do without any problems of timely payments and track keeping of their leads which are converted into admissions.