For Boarding Schools

For Boarding Schools

Innovative Marketing Strategies

Boardingedu is an exclusive web portal and a gap partner and a unique service provider bridging the huge gap between boarding schools and parents to maximize admissions due to lack of information to parents regarding the best options available.

Tight budget is one of the most crucial problems that any boarding school faces in today’s time. It’s the time for branding and marketing and however a good a product is if the marketing is not that great it suffers huge loss. In an increasingly competitive market it's essential to market a school strategically to ensure a positive return on investment.

Benefits of connecting with BoardingEdu

Boardingedu expertise in a number of fields which comes under one big name and without any competition around the globe. We believe in excellence and our work proves that. Boardingedu believes in results rather than promises.

When a boarding school connects with boardingedu it gains maximum benefits that otherwise is highly expensive for boarding schools. Boardingedu launches boarding schools who have limited viewing or they are in need of powerful marketing.

Boardingedu provides any boarding school maximum visibility around the globe with its portals in 50+ countries across the globe and this is absolutely free on our portal so the problem of advertising ends without any financial burden

Boardingedu works in identifying your school as a brand your school gets maximum mouth publicity and as well as complete visibility throughout the globe.

We have various modern cutting edge publicity traits which we employ through online and offline advertising which gives you a great number of admissions for your boarding school.    

Make a Feature Page of Your School on our Website

Boardingedu provides boarding School a unique Feature Page that is an entire page on this website dedicated to the school. It gives a prospect to update the Visitors about the school in detail You Can share your School Video, School Face book Page and Twitter Page.

Reach new markets for Advancing Business Excellence

We are committed to developing smart and strategic enrollment practices for boarding schools. Boardingedu supports our Client Schools by offering the resources and tools that help in Student enrollment. We have developed the most complete set of student enrollment resources available to help you better benchmark and understand your competitive realities

Admission Marketing for Your School

BoardingEdu user-friendly experience ensures that you'll be able to create more innovative marketing campaigns, measure their effectiveness and market directly to international Students and Agents.

Global diversity is a key factor for many Boarding Schools. We recruit from 50+ countries around the world. BoardingEdu operates 12 separate websites.

The role boardingedu plays for Publicizing Boarding Schools

Our primary role is to connect students and guardians with Boarding Schools around the world in collaboration with Education Partners and Consultants which holds years of experience in counseling and consultancy for student admissions.

Boardingedu has a unique personalized service that takes away the workload of any boarding school and assures a positive way of attracting quality students. With this personalized setting you are free from the burden of achieving the desired targets of admission and the school can concentrate more on education which is the ultimate goal of any institution.